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OUR BELIEF : Shades. sunglasses. specs. frames. goggles. These are not simply 3 dimensional objects, these are stories that introduce you to the world, the elevator pitch so to speak and we believe every face should have one, or many. OUR KIND OF PEOPLE : The young, the restless, the fluid, the experimenters.. OPIUM IS ALL ABOUT PREMIUM IMAGERY PLAYFUL PRICING. Interesting eyewear can change how you look at the world and how the world looks at you. in the world of opium there is room for more than one interpretation - and that’s where the fun begins. An element of interesting unpredictability - either this or that - it's how you look at it that changes the meaning.

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OUR MANIFESTO It is said that if you look at a glass as half empty you’re a pessimist that’s not how we see it to us the empty space is the canvas waiting to be filled with our inner weirdness our bad poetry our existential angst our fantastical dreams our grand hopes our causes, our discoveries our sarcasm, our swagger yes, that’s what we see when we look at this empty space We love this thought because it brings out our creativity. opium's brand new packaging is us having fun with this idea, this belief that changes everything and makes the world a little quirkier than the ordinary. IT’S HOW YOU LOOK AT IT

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