Brand Profile

Their trademark is classy eyewear made of paper. The eyewear models by Paperstyle scores high on design, style, comfort as well as durability. When exclusive design meets genuine handcrafted quality the result is something really special: every single frame from PaperStyle has its own character and therefore accentuates the wearer’s personality

Brand History

Eyewear as a statement – the perfect glasses, this seems to be the guiding philosophy of the brand. As a young label, they have set ourselves high aims: There must be alternatives to mass-produced plastic goods that are made far away under possibly dubious working conditions. The company has always emphasised on genuine craftsmanship, fresh design and natural renewable resources for its eyewear collections.

Brand USP

PaperStyle eyewear is 100% handcrafted.Genuinely unique products are made at their factory. The resources come from nearby and are natural: paper, wool/loden and leather are finished in a patented process and handcrafted into unique frames. Genuine trendy accessories for individualists!

Brand Origin

The brand originates in Italy.

Top Rated Products of PaperStyle


Mod. Auril 11 night blue

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