Brand Profile

A sophisticated and luxurious neoclassical collection, Seraphin is widely considered the romantic hero of modern eyewear. Handcrafted with time-honored techniques, this elite collection contemporizes timeless shapes and retro styles for the trendsetters of today. Carefully curated materials, including premium acetate, unite with diligently placed details and rich coloration. Conspicuously influenced by vintage eyewear, Seraphin captures the essence of classic eyewear, while providing a striking

Brand History

Ogi Eyewear, founded in 1997 as a small independent luxury eyewear design company, has always remained true to its original philosophy—even while experiencing significant growth. Constantly releasing bold and colorful luxury spectacles, Ogi has developed some of the hottest trends and set the most demanding standards in the eyewear industry. By emphasizing originality, quality and value, Ogi has expanded its demographic, vision, and developed a number of new collections, earning worldwide recogn

Brand USP

- Classic shapes, inspired by a long lineage of artistic eyewear, are contemporized for modern trendsetters. - Each frame uses high-quality materials, such as premium acetate and OBE screws. - Seraphin’s coveted styles are handcrafted with scrupulous attention to details.

Brand Origin

The United States

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