Brand Profile

An urge to excel. A drive to succeed. A passion to redefine. That’s what has elevated ARCADIO to what it is today … the world’s fastest growing eyewear brand. With an obsession to revolutionise the industry, ARCADIO sets new yardsticks for itself. Be it the finest range of optical frames, the coolest range of sunglasses, the trendsetting Multi Vision Solution or the swanky collection of contact lens cases, ARCADIO is truly a class apart. With its peerless quality, ARCADIO has won millions of h

Brand History

ARCADIO is from the house of AIMZ SPECTRUM, a multi-faceted business enterprise founded by two seasoned and dynamic professionals – IMTIAZ AHMED and FAZAL MAHMOOD, who unwaveringly dream to elevate lifestyles.

Brand USP

The dawn of 2016 sees ARCADIO ushering-in a new spectacular range of optical frames and a range of light weight models called the Ultra Lite collection. Sleek and sensational, Ultra Lite is a pure delight for the style conscious.

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