Bon Vivant

Brand Profile

A cosmopolitan collection that distills French essence and couture style, Bon Vivant Eyewear draws inspiration from myriad muses—eclectic art and awe-inspiring architecture—to display vivacious coloration and timeless shapes that have been reimagined for the modern trendsetter. Handcrafted from carefully curated materials, all Bon Vivant frames begin as a hand-drawn sketch and are made with the most exacting standards demanded by the discerning eyes of couture connoisseurs.

Brand History

Ogi Eyewear, founded in 1997 as a small independent luxury eyewear design company, has always remained true to its original philosophy—even while experiencing significant growth. Constantly releasing bold and colorful luxury spectacles, Ogi has developed some of the hottest trends and set the most demanding standards in the eyewear industry. By emphasizing originality, quality and value, Ogi has expanded its demographic, vision, and developed a number of new collections, earning worldwide recogn

Brand USP

- Every design begins as a hand-drawn pencil sketch. - Each frame composition features the finest materials in the world, carefully curated from international locales. - Intricately etched patterns, inspired by eclectic art and awe-inspiring architecture, add unique patterns. - Timeless shapes are reimagined for the modern trendsetter - Vivacious coloration

Brand Origin

The United States

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