Brand Profile

Created as a lifestyle brand for the surfing enthusiast, Cali4nia reflects the exuberance associated with surfing.

The Cali4nia customer is a person who wants to experience the rush and live life to the fullest. Cali4nia products cater to but are not restricted to the youngsters alone. 

Anyone who aspires to sport an urbane style statement will find a lot of interesting products from Cali4nia. The extensive portfolio provides a multitude of choices that instantly connects to a global audience.

Visit www.cali4nialifestyle.com to know more about the brand and its offerings. 

Brand History

Senses alive like they have never been. Speeds that have never been imagined. Sea breeze, gushing against your skin. As the waves envelope the world around you, you experience life, in that tiny moment, like it can never be relived again. That's Cali4nia for you…

Brand USP

The brilliant clarity is what sets Cali4nia Polarized Gen-4 lenses apart from the ordinary. See the world in a high-definition color gamut, while experiencing a soothing comfort in your eyes that is reminiscent of the strong Californian waves.

The introductory range of eyewear consists of eighteen different sunglass models, each featuring polarized Gen-4 lenses. The urbane design coupled with impressive shapes make these sunglasses the perfect accessory for the fashion-forward crowd.

While the design is classic and energetic, the finish and comfort is impeccable. The colors reflect the discerning tastes of the urban Californian. 

Brand Origin

The United States

More information

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