Dr. Harmann's

Brand Profile

Dr Harmann's Ready-To-Use Reading Spectacles makes reading glasses come of age. In the era of iPhones and virtual gizmos, the new hi tech reading glasses from Dr Harmann's are your surefire way of keeping pace with the times.

Brand History

Reading Glasses become a necessity when a person reaches the age of 35-40 due to a condition of farsightedness where lens of the eyes losses its ability to focus. That means reducing focus ability of near objects. Having launched in 2007 with its first models i-mag1 and i-mag2, Dr.Harmann’s found almost instant acceptability with the opticians. Over the years, Dr. Harmann's has established itself as one of the leading brands in India for premium reading glasses.

Brand USP

Stylish & Convenient : The eyewear is packaged in a very attractive box which slides out the eyewear and slides it back in.The convenience of carrying an eyewear like a writing instrument has made the product extremely popular amongst users. The click and slide case is a very handy travel companion as it adds style and convenience to your reading requirements. Superior Technology : The convenient and attractive packaging cannot undermine the technology that goes into the product.

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