Brand Profile

The Ultimate Vision&Protection in Style : The INVU brand and product portfolio have been developed with the clear objective of offering an extraordinary customer experience for today’s consumers who demand products that combine up-to-date fashion trends with outstanding product performance at an attractive price point.

Brand History

Invu is a brand of ultra-polarized sunglasses, optical frames and reading glasses owned and sold by the Swiss Eyewear Group a Swiss-based global eyewear company that was founded in 2013 by a group of 5 founders with over 100 years of combined expertise in the international polarized sunglasses business. The privately owned Swiss Eyewear Group sells INVU ultra polarized sunglasses for adults and children, as well as INVU Easyfit (sunglasses that fit over an optical frame), INVU Readers, INVU Clips and INVU Optical Frames.

Brand USP

INVU IS THE INTERNATIONAL EYEWEAR BRAND WITH THE BEST VALUE FOR MONEY, WORLDWIDE. The INVU Unique Selling Proposition is the combination of: > Ultra Polarized Lens Technology > Swiss Engineering and Quality Assurance for lens and frame > Wearable Fashion & Design > Positioned at an affordable price point of INR (2900-3500) INVU (pronounced “In View” or spelled out “I envy you”) is sold in opticians, department stores, sports stores, travel retail and on-line in over 70 countries world-wide. All INVU sunglass products feature the INVU ultra polarized Lens, offering consumers crystal-clear, glare-free vision with improved colour contrasts, less eye fatigue and a better perception of detail. In addition, the lenses have a highly efficient UV absorber that eliminates all harmful ultraviolet UV-A and UV-B light all the way up to 400 nanometers. The end result of this manufacturing process is an extraordinary and unrivalled visual experience for consumers, and are currently one of the best quality polarized lenses on the market in the impulse segment.

Brand Origin

The INVU brand originates from Switzerland.

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