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We have been striving to bring you timeless, yet contemporary collections for over 20 years and our goal has always been to provide our clients with outstanding comfort and satisfaction. Minima is a whole world unto its own. A minimalist world, in which frames are simple yet unique so as to cut loose with great enthusiasm from traditional fashion statements and therefore appeal to all generations. Here at Minima, we are passionate about innovation and design, two deciding and founding factors that create momentum for each collection. Such is our leitmotiv: skillfully and gracefully blending quality materials and smooth lines into our creations. Minima is a French firm, in which techniques and know-how are valued and guaranteed. Quality does not simply happen; Minima is one of the key player on the market. Minima is all about style and living with the times. The rim frames were introduced to stand alongside the must-have rimless frames, and are continuing their rising creative success, in the purest Minima tradition, taking everyone’s well-being on board. A unique partnership between you and us.

Brand History

Distribution company: 1979 Creation of Minima design & fabrication turnover: 1m€: 1994: launch of 1st Minima frame Minima-1 2000: Launch of sunglasses collection Minima sport 2001: Launch junior collection 2002: Silmo d’or award for junior-1 2004: Launch of Minima zero 2006: Launch of exchangeable collection & fashion 2007: Silmo d’or award for junior-22g 2011: Loft award for sunglasses 2013: INPI (National Institute for Industrial Protection) award for innovation Turnover: 8 m€: 50 employees: 2014: launch of rim collection Minima hybrid 2015 : Silmo d’or award for junior hybrid

Brand USP

Quality commitment: Minima & Beta Titanium Minima has chosen the titanium because this metal is hypoallergenic, non corrosive, very light, and stable... In surgery, titanium is considered superior to gold. It is an extremely robust metal. There are many types of titanium around 40 alloys (as many as for aluminium). The titanium used for Minima is not pure titanium (indeed pure titanium is soft). It is nickel free and cobalt free. Key elements have been added to give this titanium some nerve. Once it is adjusted, it will remain firm. The disadvantage is that it is a very hard metal, very hard for the tools too. The mechanical and physical characteristics of this type of titanium are just perfect for the wire we have chosen. This wire belongs to the Beta family. As a matter of fact, there are many different wires available. The conception of Minima allows Timon Lunette to use a wire that other manufacturers cannot use. Our competitors use a type of titanium which is less robust and sometimes several types of titanium in one frame. Minima is entirely made of Beta titanium (the highest quality and most expensive titanium on the market) Quality Colour process: To obtain the mat colours, the titanium pieces are placed in a bath containing an acid solution and submitted to electricity. Depending upon the intensity of the electricity and the precise amount of time given, the titanium will colour itself without adding any substance whatsoever. The electricity alone and nothing else will oxidize the surface of the titanium and will pronounce its coloration.

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