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Brand Profile

Ozed has crafted original and unique wooden glasses. We work sustainably and respect the environment. We continue to research new manufacturing processes and new materials, pushing the limits of creation of wooden frames, offering original glasses, unique and of exceptional quality for fellow free spirits who share our passion and values. Join our universe and discover Ozed. So much more than a brand, for us it is above all a state of mind. It is time to see things differently…Ozed. A new vision. Learn more our eco-friendly brand and products on www.ozed.com

Brand History

Newly founded in 2012, Ozed is creating eyewear of a distinctly fresh variety. Nothing but wax against wood, with a little magic thrown in, Ozed sunglasses are above all a state of mind. Original and unique, our essence derives from the world of surf, snow and skate. Inspired by its art, its music and its lifestyle, we’re an independent brand with plenty of room for creativity. We want to bring back simple and shared values. Every member of the Ozed family is involved in the development of the brand. Ozed isn’t just our brand: it’s a brand for people who want to get out there and do something. Everyone associated or working with the brand is united by the same ideals… and by the ultimate desire to just have fun ! Our aim: using original and natural materials, is to revisit timeless designs with a little innovation. It’s all about the love of style. Our mission is to develop best-quality and unique sunglasses / eyeglasses for other free spirits who share our values and our passion. It’s time to see things differently…. Ozed. A new vision.

Brand USP

Our innovative glasses are handcrafted and made in the respect of the environment. We develop our own manufacturing process and our own technologies to have the best quality wooden glasses on the market

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