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Beauty is based on harmony. And on self-assured individuality. Silhouette eyeglasses form a perfect unity with the wearer, thus illuminating its individual beauty and strong personality. The highest demands on design and quality are combined with the ambition to be close to the life of the wearer. Silhouette is a brand for people who remain true to themselves and their style. With its glasses manufactured in Austria, the company has been setting the standard in style, comfort and material since 1964. The design is boundless and always surprising, yet at the same time unmistakable and unique. Consistent clarity and lightness as a timeless statement. Authentic eyewear for authentic people.

Brand History

1964 - a better date of birth would not have been able to have Silhouette: in the middle of an energetic decade in the upswing, characterized by innovation and technology. The 1970s brought a new sense of freedom: Love, Peace and Music was the motto of the time, characterized by the young generation of the Friedliebende. Save the Future! Stop and Think! No more Fashion Victims! No War! Choose Life! These politico-ecological slogans on the famous T-shirts by Katharine Hamnett let us understand the thoughts and fears of the times well. The sensation: an unprecedented revelation and resolution wave determined the last decade of the millennium. The keywords were: Transparency in layers one above the other, the navel was the new decolleté. All previously valid codes were "destroyed", all newly combined: the jeans jacket to the precious evening dress, pants from snake leather to casual T-Shirts. Silhouette sent the first "armor" to space for the new millennium: NASA's immovable, 1.8-gram, lightweight, screw-, hinging and rimless glasses: the Titan Minimal Art. In 2014 Silhouette International celebrated its 50th anniversary. The jubilee was celebrated together with the "Passion for Excellence" symphony, specially composed by the Austrian composer Hermann Miesbauer and presented by 50 students from the Anton Bruckner Private University Linz

Brand USP

EASE Innovative materials and purist design shape the essentials. Silhouette stands for tangible premium quality. DESIGN & AESTHETICS Harmony is the essence of beauty. Silhouette stands for spectacles, which form a unity with the human being and let the personality radiate. TAILOR-MADE Individuality is the standard of our time. A variety of rimless disk shapes and strap designs make uniqueness the expression of personality. Attention to detail and the highest production quality have been practiced by Silhouette since 1964.

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