Wiley X

Brand Profile

Wiley X Eyewear is fashionable sports glasses perfect for all kind of sports. Due to significant features one will always have a pair of sports glasses that can keep eyes safe against sun, dust, wind and debris. Wiley X Eyewear is used for extreme sports, outdoor activities and sports like football, squash, cycling, climbing, hunting, fishing, skiing and running. With the Young Force collection, children will always stay smart and safe when doing sports. Most children often use the Young Force glasses for everyday use, due to the snug fitting and cool design.

Brand History

Wiley X Eyewear was established in 1987 with the goal to produce top of the line protective eyewear to military forces and law enforcement on a global basis. Wiley X is one of the leading manufacturers of protective eyewear in the world and the only premium sunglass brand whose entire adult sun eyewear line is EN.166 certified and ANSI Z87.1-2010 rated. Staying true to the safety corner stone of the company, Wiley X has in time expanded their portfolio of eyewear to sports eyewear and sunglasses to both adults and youngsters.

Brand USP

Wiley X frames are made of Triloid™ Nylon and virtually unbreakable.

Fits like a glove 

The lenses are made of Selenite™ polycarbonate and are completely shatterproof. 

The entire Wiley X collection meets the EN166 and ANSI standards as the only premium eyewear brand in the world. 

A limited lifetime warranty covers all non-prescription Wiley X Eyewear styles against manufacturing defects. 

95% of the Wiley X frames can be fitted with prescription lenses. 

The price is very competitive when comparing it to other top quality eyewear brands. 

Wiley X is cool looking and functional eyewear produced for active lifestyle, sports, pleasure and work. 

Unique Wiley X removable gasket system that protects against wind, debris, peripheral light and dust. 

The Changeable Series provides the opportunity to change lenses according to the weather/light conditions or activity making them very versatile. 

Light adjusting (photochromic) lenses in some Climate Control styles. 

A unique collection of sports glasses / sunglasses for children and youngsters. 

Wiley X is a privately owned company established in 1987 

Brand Origin

United States of America

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