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Brand History

The inventive idea of WooDone emerged in 2009, when Thomas Oberegger and Klaus Tavella, two young South Tyrolean entrepreneurs, decided to present an innovative concept to the optical field: Frames handmade of South Tyrolean timbers. The fantastic landscape of the Dolomites inspired them to create something new and brilliant – the WooDone wooden frames. After two years of developing ideas and creating prototypes, they achieved their first goal: they created a unique frame, made out of one single piece of wood. In November 2011, the company WooDone was founded, before the first models of the wooden frames were presented at the optician fair “OPTI” in Munich in January 2012. From that point on, the two entrepreneurs worked hard in improving their product. Finally, in August of 2012, they were able to hold the desired samples in their hands. The complete collection, composed of eight different models in three wooden colours, was presented at the optician fair “SILMO” in Paris. This great achievement of having created a complete collection brought great success to the young company. Within twelve months, 1.000 stores worldwide were selling more than 10.000 wooden frames from WooDone, with which the company made a name for itself. In December 2012, the new WooDone headquarter was opened in Varna (in the heart of South Tyrol) with its own showroom, offices and repair workshop. This can be marked as great step for the further development of the company. The products were presented at numerous fairs, including the optician fairs in Munich, Milan and Paris. The wooden frames were not only marketed in Europe, but also on fairs in Las Vegas, New York and Tokyo, which helped the company to establish themselves internationally. In having reached the international market, also the heart of the company in Varna in South Tyrol grew. In February 2016, the bigger production with 1.200 square meters was opened. Local and trained carpenters produce the wooden frames by hand, working in their own development department. Still, they are brainstorming and sampling on new materials and products. WooDone has reached many ambitious goals: 50.000 frames sold in more than 3.000 different stores in 36 countries. However, the WooDone team did not want to rest on its laurels and has planned new projects for the future. Not only the wooden frames shall be optimized, also new products will come on the market, including worldwide novelties that have not been seen before.

Brand USP

The wooden frames –”handmade in South Tyrol” – are produced out of one piece of wood. The eight layers are compressed to one piece, of which the whole frame is produced. This special technology allows keeping the vein of the wood. Over sixty processing steps, the majority of which carried out by the expert hands of the artisans of South Tyrol, guarantee a product that is highly refined in every detail, with the utmost quality and a frame that weighs just 13 grams. The temples are completely smooth thanks to the application of screwless spring hinges that are invisible to the naked eye, and are produced from a special alloy that guarantees their long-lasting durability and functionality. The final lacquering with a non-toxic EC-certified transparent varnish – also used for wooden children toys – completes the frame. The screwless spring hinge and the protective coating give the product resistance and make a special treatment of the frame unnecessary. The combination of these special elements and the wood creates a hyper allergic, ecologic and resistant product – a wooden frame elaborated right down to the last detail. South Tyrolean quality, Italian design and German precision, in a word: WooDone.

Brand Origin

South Tyrol (Italy)

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