The brand owners and distributors across India have spoken and we have the names of shortlisted best eyewear retailers in India! These opticians have been referred and shortlisted for the best business practices for 2017.

Opticians need to be rewarded. And what better way than for the brand owners and distributors who do business with them to assess them for best business practices. Yes, that's how the we have come up with the current list. The list will continue to grow as the assessments from the brand owners and distributors keep pouring in.

Ever since last years ZEISS You&Eye Awards, it'd be safe to say that all across India, the eyewear retailers have been doing business in a way that the brand owners couldn't help but refer their names to us for the ZEISS 'YOU&EYE' AWARDS to be held this year in November and the brand owners / distributors are making sure that these opticians did not miss out!

So here, we bring you the list of shortlisted opticians for the Best Eyewear Retailer Award 2017

Shortlisted Opticians for Best Retailer Award 2017

Lawrence & Mayo
Titan Eye Plus
GKB Optical
Himalaya Optical
Gangar Eye Nation
Lens N Frames
V A Mayekar
Dayal Opticals Pvt Ltd
Dayal Opticals India Pvt Ltd
U Turn
Purple Optics Pvt. Ltd.
Dr Agarwal's Eye Hospital
Ben Franklin Opticians
Purple Eyewear
Neema Opticians (Anantpura)
Eye World
M K Optical
Shiva Opticals Pvt. Ltd.
Optical World

Turakhia Optician, Mylapore :: Chennai
Optorium, Banjara Hills :: Hyderabad
S R Gopal Rao :: Bangalore
Supreme Optique :: Kolkatta
Sharad Stores :: Pune
Sheth Opticals :: Ahmedabad
Seventeen Arcade :: Delhi
R. Kumar :: Ahmedabad
Drishti :: Delhi
Laxmi Opticians :: Delhi
Specs & Shades :: Mumbai
Chheda Optical Mart :: Mumbai
Baliwalla & Homi Opticians (Fort & Dhobi Talao) :: Mumbai
Dr. Monga Opticians :: Delhi
Alankar Opticians :: Mumbai
Colaba Opticians :: Mumbai
President Insight :: Mumbai
President Optic Gallery :: Mumbai
P M Dastoor :: Mumbai
Pearl Optics :: Bangalore
C Thru Opticians :: Chennai

Bon Ton Opticians :: Delhi
Wadhwa Optikos :: Delhi
Supreme Optics :: Kolkatta
Anglo American Opticals :: Bangalore
Spectrum Eye Care :: Chennai
Bon Ton Inner Circle :: New Delhi
A Dinshaw & Co. :: Pune
Gerard Opticians :: Mumbai
Kulkarni Opticians :: Mumbai
Vijaya Optical House :: Chennai
Classic Vision (Vile Parle) :: Mumbai
NU Vision :: Chennai
Ruby & Ruby :: Delhi
Optivista :: Mumbai
Vision Solution :: New Delhi
Sun Shades Optic Shop :: Hyderabad
Vijay Opticians :: Mumbai
Glorious Optics (Marine Lines):: Mumbai
Vivera Optics :: Hyderabad

Turakhia Opticians :: Goa
Eye Savers :: Hubli
Brother Opticians :: Gurgaon
Eye Destination :: Jaipur
Weldon Optical :: Chandigarh
ABC Corner :: Lucknow
Specto Optical :: Goa
Vision Point Opticians :: Surat
Eternity ++ :: Nasik
Agarwal Optical :: Patna
Eastern Optical :: Guwahati
Raj Opticians :: Surat
Optic Store :: Baroda
Z Sons :: Surat
Mumbai Opticians :: Nasik
Jay Optics :: Navsari
Sugam Chasmaghar :: Anand
Chemmanur Optician :: Trivandrum
Eye Box :: Belgaum
Mukta Opticians :: Goa
Hardev Opticals :: Gurgaon
Patel Optical Mart :: Bardoli
Vijay Optical House :: Navsari
Mahendra Optical Emporium :: Haldwani
Khanna Opticians :: Meerut
Vijay Opticians :: Nagpur
Topcon Opticals :: Varanasi
Brite Opticals :: Erode

Jandyal Opticians :: Jammu
Shimoga Opticals :: Shimoga
Nayan Optx :: Indore
A V Optics :: Vijaywada
Arora Opticians :: Chandigarh
Jaggi Opticians :: Allahabad
Eastern Opticians :: Guhawati
Soni Optics :: Dehradun
President Optical Co. :: Kolkata
Nayak Opticals Stores :: Mangalore
Alfa Opticals :: Kottayam
Optico Opticians :: Amritsar
Patiala Optical House :: Jalandhar
Paul Group :: Ranchi
Sight Care :: Noida
Chemmanur Opticals :: Trivandrum
Optico :: Bhubaneshwar
Aarif Optics :: Vishakhapatnam
Kwality Opticians :: Jammu
Brite Opticians :: Erode
Kamath Opticals :: Mangalore
Kohinoor Optical :: Goa
Shree Ganga Opticians :: Ambikapur
George Vision :: Thrissur
Raj Kama :: Kota
R S Dangui :: Goa
C K Kurian (Ernakulum) :: Kerala
Vision Optical :: Tirunelveli
Dutta Optics :: West bengal Sukharam Optics :: Surat Optica Oculist :: Goa Frank Opticians :: Goa Watch Eye World :: Agra Gawade Optical :: Penn & Alibag Malshetwar Optical :: Aurangabad

Once all brand owners and consumers have rated the opticians, the list of nominations would be announced on October 31st. Is your favourite optician on this list? You can still get them listed... just go ahead and rate them on YouAndEyeOnline.com and you could even win an eyewear.

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